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You are here: Home Products GADMEI TV Box/Card/TV Stick GADMEI GM 2848 PC to TV CONVERTER Buy 10Free Gadmei Speaker
Gadmei LED Flash Light Speaker D360 Buy10Free1NANSIN USB Speaker V-5805 USB 2.1

GADMEI GM 2848 PC to TV CONVERTER Buy 10Free Gadmei Speaker
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GADMEI GM 2848 PC to TV CONVERTER Buy 10Free Gadmei Speaker

Price: $29.00
You Save: $2.00

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GADMEI GM 2848 PC to TV CONVERTER Gadmei Intelligent TV Tuner Box GM2828
Product Final Price Rs 1000/-
Contact On 0321-7080903
Technical Specifications
RF Input: 47MHz -870MHz
Program Memory: 1000
Video Output: 1Vp-p
Audio Output: -6db
RF Output: VHF-L
TV System: PAL D/K?I?B/G
Power: AC 110V-AC 230V
AC220V Output: 200W 2A 50Hz
Power Consumption: less than 5w
Elegant Chinese and English menu display, simple and easy to operate, clear display, beautiful –looking and full function
Full-band TV TUNER and up to 1000 channels storage.
Built-in various funny games which can be operated by remote control.
Switch power supply to be adopted ,wide applicable voltage range, high efficiency, low heat, safe and reliable.
Mute when no signal, shut up when there is no signal over 10 minutes.
Equipped with audio?video input and output ;AC220V output interface ?RF output interface.
Appearance is of novelty style ,small size ,light weight, beautiful-looking, convenient and functional.
ENGLISH-CHINESE OSD, all functions and operations can be showed on the screen with the remote control.
Calendar for 200 years between 1901 and 2099.
Timer function, turn on or turn off at fixed time on the state of power on.

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